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Through this website I hope to show you my work as an Industrial Designer and of course tell you a bit more about myself!
Unlike what you would you'd expect of an Industrial Designer, I tried to keep my website as simple as possible, following the aphorism of Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969);
"Less is more"

If I can help you with anything related to project development and consulting or if you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Being co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Aryzon, my company is making Augmented Reality (AR) available to anyone by offering the Aryzon AR headset! This headset works with the technology you already own, your smartphone, to create real 3D Augmented Reality experiences! Please visit www.aryzon.com for more information.

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Leon E. Schipper

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Who am I?

A short introduction!



Social & positive motivator

Flexible & pro-active

Keeping overview & entrepreneurial spirit

Leon Schipper

Leon E. Schipper BSc.

Industrial Designer

Master-student Industrial Design Engineering - Emerging Technology Design.

I decided to study Industrial Design Engineering as I always liked to invent and design new products, to find solutions to problems and to make existing products more comfortable, sustainable and easier to use.

My focus

Renewable energy

The importance of our energy demand to become more sustainable for earth's future is of great importance! My focus is on the stimulation and research of it.

Sustainable design

Not only energy should become more sustainable: our entire way of 'design' thinking to produce products and services should become more sustainable. Not only beneficial for earth's being, but with good innovation also a financial benefit.

Product development

As Industrial Designer my focus is on developing products, from the beginning of idea generation till the disposal of the actual product; so a total life cycle.

Project management

A Industrial Design Engineer is ideally suited to manage a project due the diverse knowledge on many expertises. Due this advantage the Industrial Design Engineer is able to understand and envision the project's approach, management and progress. Of course managing a project is also a matter of personal skills and motivation. As former president of the daily board of the largest relay race in the world and entrepreneurial spirit, I like to manage projects in a good, complete and perfect way!


TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Practitioner, Advanced level -
ICG Training & Consulting

The TRIZ-based Systematic Innovation-methodology is to bring breakthrough innovative ideas and solutions to a radically new level and to transform the vague innovation front-end to a predictable and manageable process.

Advanced TRIZ User 2nd Level - The International TRIZ Association

Certification from the International TRIZ Association.

Lean Six Sigma Green belt theory knowledge - Symbol B.V.

By using Lean Six Sigma instruments it is possible to improve production processes and to reduce waste during the entire process. By using these instruments it is possible to critically look to company's processes and to improve them efficiently.

My work

A few examples of my work

Development of a Head Mounted Display

Bachelor thesis - Development of a HMD

  • Development of a Head Mounted Display for RE-liON's virtual reality training system SUIT

Development of a darby

Development of a darby

  • Darby with armsupport, created to benefit heavy jobs -
    project O, University of Twente


Energyfair 's-Hertogenbosch

Energie2010 - Energy fair in 's-Hertogenbosch

  • Alternative poster created for Energyfair 's-Hertogenbosch


pic1 Gallery

Design of brand elements Zelenko

  • Zelenko Domotics asked for the design of several brand elements.


pic1 Gallery

Multiple posters for several courses

  • Multiple posters and flyers designed for department Study & Career - University of Twente


pic1 Gallery

Product information sheets

  • Product sheet for Lightfresh B.V.



pic1 Gallery

Solar powered LED streetlight

  • University project - the led modules can easily be replaced.


Aircraft Kitchen Gallery

Airplane kitchen

  • University project - modelling a draft for an airplane kitchen


pic1 Gallery

Multifunctional tree protector

  • Design of a tree protector with information sharing and bicycle parking.

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